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Pest Controllers You Can Trust

All C&M pest managers are fully Licensed Insured Qualified and Accredited for the systems and applications that are used.

C&M also pride ourselves on punctuality, professionalism, ownership of our tasks and completing our daily tasks to the best of our ability.

We are a family partnership ensuring a greater quality of life to our client and minimizing the costs as best we can at all times.   

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Long term benefits

All C&M pest managers follow the Integrated Pest Management Approach when assessing the needs of our clients.

This enables the pest manager to evaluate the issues or concerns of the client and aids in the initial assessment enabling the pest manager to offer valuable advice or guidance to the client.

The use of less chemicals is C&M’s aim and by correctly evaluating the issues and the added cooperation of the client together we can incorporate the Integrated Pest Management process into the client treatment plan. Guidance  offered to the client could include methods such as 

By utilizing the above methods and the cooperation of the client these methods may reduce the frequency of visits and extending the life of the products used and the ability to protect the premises from infestation or attack of unwanted pests.

The best way and C&M’s way is to be proactive rather than reactive when and wherever possible to resolve any issues faced when possible.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

All treatments and services come with 100% peace of mind termite and pest management satisfaction warranty

All work completed by C&M Pest Control follows strict Australian Laws, standards and guidelines.

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Before any treatment C&M will complete a thorough inspection and evaluation of the premises.

C&M Pest Control take great pride in offering our clients Safety, Quality of life and customer satisfaction. 

All feedback positive or negative is encouraged.

Any and all clients personal information details or treatments are not shared with or provided to others without permissions and agreements unless required by state legal authority.

All C&M staff are checked and monitored for the COVID 19 virus  and will not attend a work site or clients property until all obligations required of the QLD government health authority have been met. 

All C&M Pest Control pest managers are Licensed Trained Qualified Accredited and Insured to carry out all works and treatments.